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The Pain In Spain 11

Stocks discussed on the indepth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Thursday November 17. companies. While the jobless numbers showed some improvement and stocks like LinkedIn (LNKED), Children's Pl read more...

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How To Dye Clothes with Rit in a Bucket

Dyeing is the answer to clothes and fabrics which colors have faded. Rit liquid dye is a fabric dye that you can purchase to bring back the color of your clothes and fabrics. Rit dye comes in a wid read more...

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Beauty in Western Fashion Most of us in the fashion world , when we hear the word fashion; we glitch and never think of boots , jeans, a barn and a horse. Thats not what Lisa with Cowgirl Tuff Clothing did. Lisa is the dreamer behind this line of read more...